Carpet Care & Maintenance

Carpet Care and Maintenance | Shoreline Flooring
Preventative maintenance

When it comes to keeping your carpet looking its best for years to come, proper carpet care and maintenance is essential. Start by establishing a preventative maintenance routine for your carpet that works with your lifestyle and existing cleaning schedule. Remove outdoor shoes before walking across your carpet so you, your family, and your guests don’t track dirt inside the house. For most of our carpet products, daily to weekly vacuuming with a manufacturer-approved appliance is really all you need to keep them looking and feeling great!

Professional carpet cleaning

Once or twice a year, we suggest getting a professional carpet cleaning. Consider having one in the spring and again in the autumn, depending on how much activity your home sees.

Carpet cleaning | Shoreline Flooring
Carpet wine stain cleaning tips | Shoreline Flooring
Dealing with stains and spills

Let's face is messy, and those messes often find their way onto your carpet! But thanks to today's innovations, many carpets are stain-resistant and much easier to clean. Still, though, you'll want to address messes right away.

With common liquid messes like spilled milk or pet accidents, simply blot with a clean cloth. Don't rub, as you risk working the spill deeper into the carpet's fibers. Other spills will require more comprehensive stain removal steps. For these, it's best to consult with our common stain removal guide to make sure you’re using the best approach.

Additional Resources

Bookmark this list of additional care and maintenance tips plus stain removal resources to help keep your carpets looking beautiful.

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